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EHFG 2020: Dancing with elephants
New partnerships for health, democracy, business


The determinants of health and well-being are often driven by the interests of big players, which are not always aligned with public health agendas. In order to purposefully engage with these giants while safeguarding the interests of people, we need to conceptualise new partnership models – learn to  “dance with elephants” - but we should be careful not to get our toes crushed. The COVID-19 pandemic has put into sharp focus the current fault lines in our systems and highlighted the need for true cross-sector and cross-border collaboration.

This year's digital edition of the EHFG will bring to life the Gastein spirit in a virtual environment and offer a mix of live sessions and streams, recorded materials, and opportunities to digitally network and brainstorm with other participants as well as actively contribute to live discussions. We will be using the conference platform Brella, created for interactive participation and meaningful networking. 

Join us for the online EHFG 2020 and help us reconceptualise ideas and approaches that are standing in the way of progress. Let’s learn a new dance! 

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Start: 30 September 2020
End: 2 October 2020
European Health Forum Gastein

Online event

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